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Here you will find financial information recently released by Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Financial Information Recasted for
Spin-Off of Health Care Business
effective October 31, 2014

Date Filed Format Size  
HYH CANADIAN TAX INFORMATION Apr 28, 2015 PDF 299.0 KB Add to Briefcase
CRA SPIN-OFF APPROVAL CANADA Apr 28, 2015 PDF 41.9 KB Add to Briefcase
Halyard Health Inc. Tax Letter - Cost Basis Nov 11, 2014 PDF 237.9 KB Add to Briefcase
IRS Form 8937 Executed Nov 11, 2014 PDF 127.9 KB Add to Briefcase
Form 8-K (Presentation of Financial Statements - Continuing Operations) Nov 5, 2014 HTML file 0.0 KB  
Adjusted Earnings from Continuing Operations (Non-GAAP Reconciliations) PDF 610.1 KB Add to Briefcase
Halyard Health, Inc. Information Statement Oct 31, 2014 PDF 856.5 KB Add to Briefcase
Latest Earnings Release and 10-Q Date Filed Format Size  
Kimberly-Clark Announces Third Quarter 2017 Results Press release
Form 10-Q Apr 23, 2018 HTML file  PDF file   View XBRL 584.3 KB Add to Briefcase
Latest Annual Report on Form 10-K Date Filed Format Size  
Form 10-K Feb 8, 2018 HTML file  PDF file   View XBRL 661.6 KB Add to Briefcase
Latest Proxy Statement Date Filed Format Size  
Proxy Statement (DEFA14A) Mar 16, 2018 HTML file  PDF file 204.2 KB Add to Briefcase
Proxy Statement Mar 16, 2018 HTML file  PDF file 817.2 KB Add to Briefcase

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Historical financial information is provided by MorningStar, Inc. Kimberly-Clark Corporation makes no representation or warranties with respect to the information contained herein and takes no responsibility for supplementing, updating, or correcting any such information.

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Kimberly-Clark announces 1Q 2018 results


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